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Relevant web links

Sewn, stitched and lashed boats sites


Description Language URL
Reconstruction after archaeologic find in Hjortspring, Denmark, dated 200-350 B.C. English/ Danish
Short information on replica project after Merkijärvi find (1200-1500 A.D.) English
Tuna i Badelunda boat replica, after 8th century find in Sweden. English
First vodlozerka reconstruction in Russian Karelia English/ Russian
Second vodlozerka built at Fotevikens maritime museum, Sweden. English
"Mahasagar boats", Mangalore, India. The firm can custom-build a traditional stitched canoe English
Boatbuilding tradition of Goa, India English

Sewn boats and other ancient watercraft reconstruction sites


Description Language URL
"Polar Odysseus" maritime club in Petrozavodsk (Petroskoj), Carelia English/ Russian
Sergey Davydov's article about "kizhanka" boat Russian
Collection of watercraft reconstruction and maritime archaeology links English
Fotevikens Maritime Museum, Sweden English/ Swedish
Peter Sjolander's site about Viking Navy, etc. English
The "Rus" project -- a Viking ship reconstruction and voyages around Europe and in Russia English + short info in different languages
The "Sail ships" site Russian
The "Russian ships" site Russian
Maritime museum (Sjofartsmuseum) in Oslo, Norway, where Murman shnjaka is exhibited English/Norwegian /German
Viking ship museum in Oslo, Norway English/Norwegian
Viking ship museum in Roskilde, Denmark. English/Danish
Pomor museum in Vardø, Norway Norwegian/Russian
"Tälja" - a replica after Viksbåten find near Norrtälje, Sweden. Swedish/English
Forbundet "Kysten", Norway Norwegian
"Ushkui" Tur and other crafts reconstruction, expanded dugout, bog ore iron, black smithy, textile, etc. in Vyatka. Russian/English
Atlantic Challenge in Russia. Gig copies Enchante' and Dignite'. Russian/English
Arctic archaeology group at Archaeology Institute, Russian academy of science. Russian
Our friends - MIPT yachting club. Russian
Our friends - S.Skalkin's web site Russian
"Northern Seafaring Fellowship" & anthology of Solovki archipelago Russian/English
Dugouts in Soomaa National park, Estonia. Estonian/English/French

Vodlozero National Park and Karelia on-line


Description Language URL
Main web site of the Park English / Russian
"Northern voyage" tavel agency -- tours in Vodlozero National Park English / Russian
"K2000" - tourism in Karelia. Lively web forum, reports & photo galleries. Russian
The TACIS project on Vodlozero English / Russian
Unofficial home page English/ Finnish
Tours; lots of pictures English
Detailed report for canoeists Russian
Some UNESCO information English
National parks of Karelia Russian/English
Russian national parks, addresses and contacts Russian
Ecology Portal Russian/English

On-line media about the project


Newspaper URL
"Northern courier"
Article in "Boats & Yachts" magazine

Northern Seafaring Fellowship   Vodlozero National Park   Sewn boats at Foteviken  
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