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Links to related web sites


Sewn boats and other ancient watercraft reconstruction sites


Description Language URL
Hjortspring sewn boat web site English/ Danish www.hjortspring.dk/wold/index_en.htm
Reconstruction of sewn "vodlosjorka" at Foteviken, Skåne, Sweden. English www.foteviken.se/sewnboat/main.htm
Reconstruction of "vodlosjorka"in Vodlozero, Russian Karelia English/ Russian www.foteviken.se/sewnboat/boat
Short information on Merkijärvi replica project in Helsinki English www.qnet.fi/rus-project/mekri.html
Tuna i Badelunda boat replica, after 8th century find in Sweden. English www.foteviken.se/sewnboat/tunaboat
Reconstruction of a bigger sewn ship -- a shnjaka of White and Barents seas, project in Vodlozero, Carelia English/ Russian www.sewboat.narod.ru/shnjaka
"Mahasagar boats", Mangalore, India. The firm can custom-build a traditionl stitched canoe English mahasagarboats.com/stitchedcanoes.htm
Boatbuilding tradition of Goa, India English www.abc.se/~m10354/bld/goa.htm
Collection of watercraft reconstruction and maritime archaeology links English www.abc.se/~m10354/bld/shipbuild.htm
Foteviken Maritime Museum English/ Swedish  www.foteviken.se
Peter Sjolander's site about Viking Navy, etc. English www.sjolander.com
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology English www.academicpress.com/www/journal/na.htm
The "Rus" project -- a Viking ship reconstruction and voyages around Europe and in Russia English + short info in different languages www.qnet.fi/rus-project/
Maritime museum (Sjofartsmuseum) in Oslo, Norway, the page about Murman shnjaka English/Norwegian /German www.norsk-sjofartsmuseum.no/nsm_gmlweb/htmldok/generell/baathall/18.html
Viking ship museum in Oslo, Norway English/Norwegian www.ukm.uio.no/vikingskipshuset
Viking ship museum in Roskilde, Denmark. English/Danish www.roskildeinfo.dk/museer/vikingeskibsmuseet
Pomor museum in Vardø, Norway Norwegian/Russian www.pomor.no
"Tälja" - a replica after Viksbåten find near Norrtälje, Sweden. Swedish www.geocities.com/viksboat/nytt/talja.html
Forbundet "Kysten", Norway Norwegian www.kysten.no
"Polar Odysseus" maritime club in Petrozavodsk (Petroskoj), Carelia English/ Russian po.karelia.ru
"Arctic seafarers association" & anthology of Solovki archipelago Russian www.solovki.info



Vodlozero National Park & Karelia links


Description Language URL
Official web site of the Park English / Russian www.onego.ru/win/vodlozero
"K2000" - tourism in Karelia. Lively web forum, reports & photo galleries. Russian www.k2000.ru
Tacis projects in Vodlozero English / Russian www.sampo.ru/~tacvodlo
Unofficial home page English/ Finnish www.sll.fi/mpe/vodla/VodlaHome.html
Tours; lots of pictures


Detailed report for canoeists Russian rest.rest.ru/~az/TOURISM/DOCS/AQUA/NORD/KOZHA/kozha1.ru.html
Same as above Russian moshkow.relline.ru:5000/koi/TURIZM/kozha-vodla.txt
Detailed information English www.flash.net/~bhphiker/BHP/VODLOZERO.html

Some UNESCO information English www.unesco.org/whc/sites/767.htm


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