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Few picturs of sailing around Vodlozero. October 2003 - August 2004

test full scale picture(47Kb)

First tests on water. In the future, the tackle underwent a lot of changes, a different mast was stepped, lines at the stern and the rudder head were made lower, and the aft was decked to form s.c. "dog garret" , where crew can shelter under the deck. October 2003.

So far, this is our best picture of the shnjaka under sail. To take good shots, one will need another boat to carry the photographer around, good sailing weather and plenty of time :-) October 2003.
hearth full scale picture(54Kb)

It is possible to make fire and cook on board -- there is a hearth of stones and sand. These hot stones can also warm the space under deck -- the "dog garret", if the entrance is covered with some tarpaulin. The space is enough for 1-2 people to sleep in. August 2004.
sailing full scale picture(55Kb)

Sailing on Vodlozero. August 2004.
By the autumn 2004 the total distance covered was 300-400 km, and Vodlozero lake seemed too small and tight for such a vessel. Most of the time was spent on passing through some narrow and shallow stony passages, where there was not enough room for tacking. Wind is very much dependent on local relief, it becomes quite weak and unsteady and in half of the cases it blows exactly contrary along a tight passage. In such places Pomor sailors probably did not even bother themeselves with stepping mast and hoisting sail, they just rowed until clear water, which is not difficult for a crew of four. On wider parts of Vodlozero lake sailing was a lot faster and more pleasant.

august2004 full scale picture(27Kb)

Anchoradge at Koskosalma. August 2004.

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